Skrydstrupvej 15, 8200 Aarhus , Denmark


Explore some of the most famous and picturesque sites from across Denmark. Whether it is visiting the birthplace of the world-famous Hans Christian Andersen, experiencing the thrills of Legoland Billund, discovering the rich Viking history of the land or exploring the beautiful cobbled streets of the European Capital of Culture 2017, Aarhus.
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Collection from Billund-Aalborg-Aarhus airports with guided tour to Legoland-Legohouse incl. Transfer 250€


Visit Odense

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark with 175,246 inhabitants. The city is famous for Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown and is the capital of Fyn island. The city is famous for the charming old streets, museums and activities for all ages


ARoS Art museum

Here you can walk high above the rooftops of Aarhus with a fantastic view over the town in Olafur Eliasson’s installation ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’. Amongst the world-famous collection is Ron Mueck’s huge fiberglass sculpture ‘Boy’ and hundreds of paintings, sculptures and installations from the 18th-21st century.


Aarhus City hall

This building is one of the most significant in all of Aarhus. It encapsulates the history of the Denmark’s role in the Second World War, the evolution of Danish modern architecture and the changing roles of governance in the 20th century. The world-famous Danish famous architects Arne Jacobsen and Eric Moeller won the 1937 competition to design this new city hall, from the 2000m2 of marble on the exterior to all the interiors fittings – everything including the lights, tables, chairs and desks!


Authentic Viking trip

Step back in time and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jellling. This monument, called ‘The Birth Certificate of Denmark’ was erected by Harold Bluetooth to honor his parents Gorm and Thyra and to mark the conversion of a unified Denmark to the new religion of Christianity.



Enjoy a quiet moment in one of the city’s many shops and cafés. Explore the winding streets of Aarhus’s Latin Quarter which boasts some of the oldest buildings in the city, with the most interesting stories behind them.



2 hours guided tour in the world’s first-ever ‘Open air museum’ Den Gamle By (The Old Town). Created in 1919 under the name The Old Mayor’s House, the museum expanded massively over the next century – rescuing and reconstructing 75 buildings from all over the country. The site attracts 400 000 visitors annually and offers a real-life glimpse into workshops, gardens, schools, theatres and boutiques with characters providing the ‘Living Experience’ in costume dress. An experience not to be missed.


Test of Aarhus

Sample a taste of the ‘New Nordic’ and explore some of the world’s best Michelin starred restaurants: Nordisk Spisehus, Kähler Villa Dinnig and Fredrikshoj in Aarhus.